Trust Nautilus to provide the best of dive-proven gear and decades of professional experience.

Our main line is SCUBAPRO™, which our owner has been using since he started diving in 1968. SCUBAPRO™ offers extremely dependable products with industry- warranties. Most of our own instructors are dive masters, and all use SCUBAPRO™ equipment.

We also carry SHERWOOD SCUBA products and drysuits from Abyss Diving Suits, a local Nova Scotia company based in Tantallon. With new products coming in every month, there’s always something new to discover, and if we don’t have it, we’ll get it.

We stand behind the quality of our products. When you purchase a full SCUBA set, including a regulator, dive computer, octopus, and BCD, we provide a limited warranty. If anything needs service within two years, just bring it back to us. We charge for labour, but all internal parts are covered, excluding mouthpieces and hoses.


The Complete Setup:

Total diving setup with wetsuit: $2500 / Total diving setup with drysuit: $3500


New to SCUBA? Looking to upgrade your gear? Try before you buy to get the perfect setup for your dives. We rent everything you need for your next underwater adventure


Regulator Service: $80 + parts
Visual Inspection (VIP): $15 + parts
Hydro and Visual Inspection: $60 + parts
Air Fill: $10
Custom Work and Repairs: Hourly Rate $80


We offer world-recognized certification courses in SCUBA diving, specialty and advanced diving, and even snorkeling for beginners. Learn with the pros!
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