Snorkeling is an affordable and easily-learned introduction to explore the wonders of our underwater world.

Jump right in! With a minimum of gear, and some quick lessons in the pool, beginners of all ages can enjoy the exploration of our undersea world. Many are introduced to snorkeling while on vacation in sunny destinations – enticed by the warm crystal clear waters and abundance of colourful sea life.

Some have been disappointed with snorkeling due to ill-fitting gear. A properly fitted mask and fins will be the difference between an enjoyable activity, or a frustrating ordeal. Nautilus Aquatics has a wide selection of snorkeling gear for the novice and the advanced underwater adventurer. Best of all, we know how to properly fit our gear to ensure the best experience possible.



Snorkeling is a fun, affordable way to discover the underwater world. When you purchase a mask, fins, and snorkel from Nautilus Aquatics, we give you a FREE snorkeling lesson. Otherwise, snorkeling lessons are $25 each.